The transcription for two guitars, made by the Nova Guitar Duo itself, gives these two important pages of the historical twentieth century [Bartók’s and Janáček’s pieces] a particular freshness and richness of colour, and enhances the finesse of their melodic and rhythmic development, which the two musicians faithfully render in their excellent interpretations.

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Filippo Focosi, Kathodik WebZine, May 2022

Two guitars – Nelly von Alven’s six-string and Luiz Mantovani’s eight-string (Brahms guitar) – create such articulate and unexpected sounds that this CD sounds like an orchestra of silk threads: more than modern, more than oriental, even more than kaleidoscopic! The NOVA Guitar Duo offers a timbral mixture of splendour and mystery that is truly exciting. And the remarkable arrangements demonstrate the expertise and competence of the two intelligent artists. The choices include Bartók and Janáček, excellently transcribed, and a world premiere recording by Lior Navok, an Israeli composer, written especially for the Duo, whose title – Sarigim – perfectly renders, in translation from the Hebrew, the winding of strings in unknown dances: fabrics, interwoven textures. The acoustic effects of this CD are an exploration of the still existing albeit unknown possibilities of acoustic sound magic!

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Anna Menichetti, Radio Svizzera Classica, April 2022