Their exceptional debut album, Sortilegios (the Spanish word for “spells,” as in magic spells) definitely derives special power from the presence of those extra low strings on Luiz’s guitar, though to his credit it is usually a very subtle addition to the overall sound; very piano-like low-end accents in most cases. But in no way does this relegate him to some subordinate “bass” role in the duo. Sometimes it’s Nelly who is handling the lower registers, which Luiz then chirps above, and there are many instances where they’ll trade lines in the same registers, or “answer” each other, or then drop into a lovely unison harmony. The duo has tremendous chemistry and synchronicity. . . Highly recommended!

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Blair Jackson, Classical Guitar, March 2019

The whole may not always turn out to be greater than the sum of its parts, but with this pairing – in addition to their individual gifts – there is a oneness of musical thought which makes them a rare find. . . It should be noted that Mr. Mantovani’s 8-string guitar is capable of an additional lower range as well as an additional upper range – so the possibilities for the NOVA Duo are nearly endless. One anticipates many years of this duo mining musical treasures. . . The ensemble had something greater than split-second timing – it was simultaneity. . . This pair is clearly meant to play, and they do so exceptionally well. Encore!

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Rorianne Schrade, New York Concert Review, November 2018