Two guitars, one beautiful music. I have never heard two separate instruments blend together so well. Phrases started on one were seamlessly completed on the other. This simpatico translated to virtually every audience member in attendance. It is not an easy task to sustain such attention and joy from a room filled with persons struggling with severe multiple emotional, learning, and physical disabilities, but the NOVA Guitar Duo (Nelly von Alven and Luiz Mantovani) certainly accomplished this today at their performance at the Lighthouse Guild (New York City). Special thanks to Pro Musicis and director John Haag for making this concert a reality. I consider myself blessed to have been in attendance.

Fred Paterno, Lighthouse Guild for the Blind, November 2018 (via e-mail)

For a guitar pairing that’s been together for less than two years, the NOVA Guitar Duo sure is impressive! . . . Their arrangement [of Mompou’s Canción y Danza No. 6] is both lyrical and powerful; and all the richer for its exploitation of the combination of six-string (Nelly) and eight-string (Luiz) guitars.

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Blair Jackson, Classical Guitar, March 2018